I’ve had an interest in video since the late 1990s; I realised how important video was as a medium and used video clips in educational multimedia products to increase engagement. I believe that websites should be more than just pictures and text and a few years ago I decided to promote videos to businesses to help them enhance their online presence.

With video, you can introduce who you are, show people what your business is all about and improve your ‘know, like, trust factor’ by backing up what you have written on your website with video proof. Now that we have fast broadband, using video in your marketing is a no brainer!

Videos Can Build Trust

When I’m looking for products or services there are certain things I will look for on a company’s website before I go any further. These are:

  • About Us – does it really talk about them as people, showing photos or video, or is it merely lots of jargon about their Aims, Goals, Objectives, Vision, Values and Mission Statement?
  • Contact details – Does it say where they’re based? Can I find them on “Google My Business”?

If they pass those criteria, then I will want to see some proof of what they say on their website before I even begin to start to trust that business. I will look at:

  • Photographic or Video Evidence of the products or services that they say they provide. If you’re a creative person then why wouldn’t you have examples of your work on show for people to see?
  • Reviews and Testimonials, both on their website and on Google My business – I will then decide if these can be trusted. Are they from varied sources spaced out over time or exclusively from members of their Business Networking Group on the same day?

I was looking for a service two years ago and used my criteria to narrow my searches down to three websites, two of which had video:

  • Website 1 had a video which looked like it had been videoed by themselves in their kitchen and it went on to explain what they did.
  • Website 2 had two videos which had clearly been professionally made. One was of the business owner introducing themselves and explaining what they did. The other was a short video testimonial from someone else backing up what had been said in the introduction. The main criticism was that both videos included music which I thought was too loud and acted as a distraction.

I ended up contacting the person from Website 2. In my opinion they could be trusted to do what they said they could do. The deciding factor that made me purchase their service was the video content they had on their website.

Video testimonials

Testimonials are part of the social proof that people want to see if they’re going to trust a business. Written testimonials have been around for many years, but how much could they be trusted? Did the person whose name was written at the bottom of the testimonial even exist? If they did exist, could it be proved that they even wrote the testimonial?

A video testimonial removes much of that doubt because you can see the person talking and it’s easy to verify that the person is who they claim to be. However, there are still potential problems with video testimonials:

  • Can the person giving the video testimonial be trusted?
  • Does the video content come across as contrived?
  • Does the video testimonial have credibility?

You may be wonderful, but if your video testimonials were all recorded at the same place at the same time then this can affect their credibility. Video testimonials are far more credible if the people appearing on the video were recorded at their workplace rather than after a business networking meeting where they simply lined up to give their testimonials, one by one.

There are many different types of video that a business can use in their marketing which can help to build trust:

Video Marketing Sales Funnel

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