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We offer a variety of training sessions, including “Spice Up Your Marketing with Video!”


Video is the most engaging online medium and many of us have smartphones to enable us to create our own video content that can be used in marketing. This could save people money.

Unfortunately, many people don’t use them properly and the result is poor quality video content. What message are they sending out to potential clients about their professionalism if they’re happy to share shoddy video content?

The solution is simple – learn how to use the equipment properly! On this workshop, you will learn how to record video footage and edit it using techniques that will make your video content look more professional and eye-catching than that of the amateurs who cut corners.


You will learn:

  • production skills
  • post-production editing skills that can be readily transferred to other video editing software
  • how to create re-usable video project templates
  • how to export video

We will cover:

  • the common mistakes that people make when recording video
  • social video viewing habits in 2017
  • tricks that others use to create video content
  • copyright

You will take away with you:

  • an animated video ‘intro’ of your logo
  • an animated call-to-action (CTA) ‘outro’
  • video editing software to allow you to create your own video content
  • a video template that you can re-use to ‘brand’ future video content
  • links to dozens of video tutorials specific to the software you will be using


You will be using powerful video editing software which is compatible with both Mac and Windows. It has a similar interface to the industry standard Adobe Premiere Pro.

Pre-installation of the software will help as, like most editing software, it is a fairly large download. You will be given full instructions on how to do this once you have booked onto the training day.

To help you make the most of the training day, please ensure your laptop is fully charged and bring your charger with you.

This training day is ideal for those who have some experience of recording video footage on smartphones, with little or no experience of editing footage.

Group size is capped to a maximum of 8 people.

Watch the video testimonial that Lee Solomon, owner of Lilies Funeral Directors, did for Craig of Magicshirt Video.


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