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Videos can promote you and your products, especially those which are difficult to explain with text and pictures alone. A web page which includes video has impact and will hold the attention of a potential customer for a lot longer than one containing simply text and static images. This page illustrates the video packages that we offer at Magicshirt Video.

For your piece of mind, we are Enhanced DBS checked and cleared.



The Pimento package is the perfect introduction to video and ideal to market your business on your website and social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

‘Talking Heads’ Introduction

A video introduction on your website lets you tell people about your products or services and allows your potential customers to see and hear YOU, the person behind the business.

You may add your name and your logo. This helps enhance your ‘Know, Like Trust’ factor as well as making you stand out from “faceless” websites.

Video Testimonials

A video testimonial on your website can increase your credibility and is one way of building trust. Video Testimonials are for up to 30 seconds, videoed at the workplace of the person giving the testimonial. You may add the name of the person giving the testimonial.

For those who are camera shy then an alternative to appearing in front of the camera is to use an animated presenter character. Find out more on the Video Animation page.


The Jalapeno package uses green screen technology to create ‘talking heads’ style videos that look very clean and professional. Seamless superimposing of your logo adds consistency to your branding. This kind of video is ideal for use as an introduction video for your website and also for use in online courses.

Green screen not only allows you to tell people about your products or services, it also lets you show them by overlaying images and video against the background or as a backdrop. You can also add text, or even animated text (kinetic typography) to emphasise the message you are putting across.

Green Screen ‘Talking Heads’

This package requires a session of up to two hours to produce a video which includes your name and logo at no extra charge.

Images required are provided by the client.

Optional Extras

For an additional cost you may add royalty-free music and use subtitles. Subtitles can also be provided as an SRT file for use on YouTube and Facebook. A teleprompter can also be used in this package.


The Cayenne package is aimed at both growing and established businesses who are looking for something that provides the ‘wow factor’ on their website and in their marketing.

Corporate Promotional style videos are no longer restricted to big brands with large budgets and this is a great way to spice up your marketing with video.

‘Corporate Promotional’ Style

Recorded at your location, the corporate promotional style video is the perfect way to showcase your business and is the icing on the cake for your website.

A documentary-style interview can also be used as part of a corporate promotional style video.

Videos in this package can be tailored to your requirements. Contact us for a quote.


The Habanero package is aimed at established businesses who are serious about video as part of their marketing strategy and want to include ongoing videos as part of their marketing mix, or a series of videos for training or an online course. Videos in this package can be tailored to your requirements. Contact us for a quote.

Habanero Package Videos

  • Videos for Online Courses
  • Training and Instructional Videos
  • Documentary-Style Interview Videos
  • Walkthrough Property Videos
  • Monthly Marketing Videos
  • Aerial Drone Filming

The video shows an example of the video and audio quality achieved when recording someone giving a presentation. Video recorded in this way would be useful for anyone who talks or gives presentations for a living. This kind of video would also be valuable for anyone needing Training Videos and Online Courses.

Aerial Filming

Many industries can benefit from the use of aerial footage:

  • Property management and development
  • Event coverage
  • Tourism
  • Sports training

The footage shown here is by Adam Redshaw of UK Cache Mag.

Chilli Pepper

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Engage, Educate, Build Trust

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