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It’s Hip To Be Square – Video Marketing

I’m showing my age with that title! “It’s Hip To Be Square” was released by Huey Louis and the News in 1986. A lesser remembered event from 1986 was that a full survey was carried out at Loch Ness in the hope of finding proof that Nessie existed. No proof was found. My reason for [...]

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Building Trust using Video in your Marketing

I’ve had an interest in video since the late 1990s; I realised how important video was as a medium and used video clips in educational multimedia products to increase engagement. I believe that websites should be more than just pictures and text and a few years ago I decided to promote videos to businesses [...]

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Video Optimisation in Marketing

I recently watched a video on the WIRED YouTube channel about Swindon's 'magic roundabout'. Although I've not driven on that, I have been on Hemel Hempstead's 'magic roundabout' which is similar. What I remember about that experience was that it was possible to get exit the roundabout via different ways; the animation shows how there are two ways to [...]

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