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So, you’ve noticed that your competitors are using video and you’ve been told that you need video on your website. Maybe you’ve decided to market an online course and you now need video content. Will you have enough time to create videos yourself? Do you have the technical knowledge to edit the video, and add graphics such as your name and logo?

Even if you answer “yes” to both, are you confident that the resulting video will look and sound professional enough to go on your website? Rather than waste time trying to create your own videos, why not get someone else to produce professional videos for you?

We will help you identify the outcomes you’d like to achieve with a video and how it fits in with your marketing and your budget. We will then advise you on your video needs, for example what kind of video you could have and where you could use it other than just your website.

Video Packages


Okay, you’ve got your video. Now what do you do with it? How do you get it onto your website? Do you need a YouTube account? Can you use the same video for your Facebook and Instagram accounts? How do you increase the chances of your video being found?

Maybe you want to create your own video content but need help with video elements such as video intros and call to action outros? If video editing is your area of weakness then we can help you with that.

We can help you with the ‘techie stuff’ such as set up your YouTube channel, determine the keywords relevant to the videos and optimise them using more advanced features of YouTube and Facebook. We can help you embed videos in emails, newsletters and blogs and can also help you with video editing

Video Marketing


We can teach you how to record your own video, including camera skills and techniques, lighting, sound and storyboards. We can also show you how you can put your video together with video editing software.

We can train you how to set up and manage your own YouTube channel so that you can confidently upload your videos to YouTube, and embed them in web pages, on social media platforms and in PowerPoint presentations.

Craig is Enhanced DBS checked and cleared. He has Qualified Teacher Status and 18 years of experience teaching Science and ICT in schools. He is also a Fully Qualified Assessor in Creative & Digital Media and Digital Marketing.

Click on the video to see a video testimonial that Lee Solomon, owner of Lilies Funeral Directors, did for Craig of Magicshirt Video.

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