Craig of Magicshirt Video will be running in the 2017 Birmingham International Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Thanks to those who have already donated on theĀ JustGiving page. Anyone who clicks on the “Sponser me” button below will be directed to his JustGiving page.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

What’s in it for you is that in return for sponsoring me you will receive advertising.

In December I will be posting a Magicshirt Video advent calendar daily on Facebook:

Each day a window will open and a those who have sponsored me at my Just Giving Page for Cancer Research UK for my 2017 Birmingham Marathon will have either their business video or photo/contact details for their business appear in a window. The business video will play with full sound for the day that its window is opened. For those who do not have a business, I will post anything that they want me to (within reason!).

For those who sponsor me early, then they will benefit from maximum exposure. Obviously those who sponsored larger amounts will appear earlier on and they will have up to 25 days of exposure.

For those who sponsor smaller amounts, they will appear further into December. However, by that stage I would predict that there will be more viewers by then.

If this sounds like a good idea then click on the JustGiving link.