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Craig Magicshirt helps businesses with Video Production, Video Editing, Video Marketing and Training. He is also a Qualified Teacher and Assessor in Creative & Digital Media and Digital Marketing.

Understanding How To Hold Your Phone When Recording Video

A recent Santander advert illustrates very well what happens when you hold your phone differently when recording video. Here is the Santander advert: Many of the video clips fill the entire screen, like this one here, and that's because the mobile phone was held horizontally when the [...]

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It’s Hip To Be Square – Video Marketing

I’m showing my age with that title! “It’s Hip To Be Square” was released by Huey Louis and the News in 1986. A lesser remembered event from 1986 was that a full survey was carried out at Loch Ness in the hope of finding proof that Nessie existed. No proof was found. My reason for [...]

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Building Trust using Video in your Marketing

I’ve had an interest in video since the late 1990s; I realised how important video was as a medium and used video clips in educational multimedia products to increase engagement. I believe that websites should be more than just pictures and text and a few years ago I decided to promote videos to businesses [...]

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Video Optimisation in Marketing

I recently watched a video on the WIRED YouTube channel about Swindon's 'magic roundabout'. Although I've not driven on that, I have been on Hemel Hempstead's 'magic roundabout' which is similar. What I remember about that experience was that it was possible to get exit the roundabout via different ways; the animation shows how there are two ways to [...]

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Magicshirt Video Birmingham International Marathon 2017

Craig of Magicshirt Video will be running in the 2017 Birmingham International Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Thanks to those who have already donated on the JustGiving page. Anyone who clicks on the "Sponser me" button below will be directed to his JustGiving page. What's in it for you is that in [...]

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