In 1971, Jim Morrison used an anagram of his name in The Doors song L.A. Woman, calling himself Mr. Mojo Risin’. In 1982, during a rather dull maths lesson, a teenage Craig Smith discovered that an anagram of his name was Magicshirt.

Craig’s career began as a Chemist doing research for a PhD on Homotropanes, synthesising chemicals structurally similar to the deadly anatoxin-a (also known as Very Fast Death Factor) and drugs such as cocaine. After working as a Synthetic Organic Chemist in Food Research for several years he became a Qualified Teacher.

In the late 1990s he began experimenting with multimedia products as an aid to learning, creating several learning resources used by students in ICT and also began editing video on Adobe Premiere. Since then he has trained people in the use of ICT software and hardware and has become an experienced and proficient user of the Adobe Creative Suite.

His main business consists of Video Production, Video Editing, Video Marketing and Training. Craig is also a Qualified Assessor in Creative & Digital Media and Digital Marketing.


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We listen to our clients and share creative ideas to help them tell their story.

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We believe clarity is important and create videos that give a lot of information clearly in a short amount of time.

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